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Jackies mother always looked out for what the girls wanted and what they enjoyed. She came up with the idea to start a music group. The girls were always singing, dancing and having a good time. There wasn’t anything dominating the industry and she thought the girls were the perfect fit. The group started October of 2014. There was three girls. Brighid, Jackie and Nathalie. Life takes people in the way they are meant to go. She chased her dream as Brighid and Jackie chased theirs. Jackies mother saw that the girls were so close why not chase the dream together. January 11, 2015 the auditions were held. They knew Immediately that Thais was the fit for them and didn’t want it any other way. The group goes to dance and vocal lessons at least 2 times a week for four hours per time. Jackie had a knee injury that at a point set the group back, because Jackie was unable to dance. She had a torn muscle in her knee and inflammation and constant friction and pain. After attending physical therapy, she was back up and dancing again! They were able to work with amazing writer and vocal producer, StalkingGia and Gene Noble. They also got to have a song with Chanel WestCoast. They have worked with platinum recording artist Mario, and recorded a cover with Kris/Aaron. CapitalG has done so much and is continuing to do so, as they move up in the industry.

Capital G took the longest time to figure out a name for their group. They went through anagrams, the process of combining names and words, and lots of deep thinking until they reached the original name, Trilogy. The reason behind this name was because tri- meant three and trilogy meant three stories. Each person in the group would represent a different story. Nonetheless, most people weren’t sold on the name and companies already had a domain for that specific name. Therefore, the search continued. One day, at the studio, Brighid was looking on a business name generator and she typed in “girl” and thus found the name Capital G. Capital G was chosen because G means girl and Capital is similar to a powerhouse therefore, Capital G and the message that the group wants to transmit to their audience is girl power and girls sticking together.

Capital G had the amazing opportunity to work with some really great artists in the industry. They’ve been blessed to have a song with Chanel West-Coast, along with working with amazing vocal producers such as Gene Noble. They also had the opportunity to work with recording artist, Mario.

Together they have a long journey ahead but what we have is each other. And that is what makes us different from any other group. We support and love each other like family. We are CapitalG.

Growing up music was always a part of her. Jackie was always singing and dancing. Demi Lovato caught her eye when the first camp rock movie came out. She had a powerful voice that had so much emotion and energy that made Jackie feel as if she was connected to her somehow. Jackie used to sing when no one was home or around that could hear her, and when she heard Demi, Demi reminded her of herself. Or what Jackie wished she could be. Her parents always said if she wanted to peruse music they would support her, but part of her wasn’t sure. As high school came around she took dance classes and performed for school events. Brighid and Jackie became best friends sophomore year of high school and the two bonded very quickly. They were both intoned with the latest music and attached to learning and broadening her horizons so much more then any other person listening on the radio or through their head phones. Jackie’s mother had a brilliant idea, of creating a group. There were originally three, but life takes you where you’re meant to be. January 11th 2015 it all changed. They held auditions to find their third member, they were a complete group. Thais had joined Brighid and Jackie, and finally felt whole. It was the three of them, “The powerpuff girls”. They love music and it has such an impact on their lives it has become everything they know. They eat, sleep, cry, scream, music. Their first year together was a learning process, but became so natural so quickly. Thais, who happens to be almost 2 years younger than Jackie and Brighid, was a learning process really with her, but now it’s a sisterhood. After changing their name to the perfect fitting for them, ‘capital G’, evolved into who they see themselves being and what they want to stand for as an artist in the industry.


Brighid Thompson was born and raised in south Florida, and is 19 years old. She resides with her mother, father, two sisters, and an outrageous puppy. She graduated high school last year and decided to stay local to follow her dream of being a recording artist. Brighid has been passionate about music for as long as she can remember. She and her headphones have always been best friends. Growing up,Brighid always knew she loved to sing. Her mother tells stories of how she’d catch her singing “somewhere over the rainbow” from the wizard of oz all the time. She never truly pursued her passion for singing, outside the shower and the privacy of her bedroom, until meeting Jackelyn in high school. Their senior year, the two decided to form a group and soon later auditioned for a third member and Thais joined their journey. That’s when she truly realized how much she enjoyed making music. Being a part of a group has allowed her to not only pursue her dreams, but do it along side two of the most important people in her life.


Originally, there was another member involved in the girl group. However, things didn’t work out and they held auditions for a third member to integrate into the group. Due to the fact that Brighid and Jackie had the same vocal coach (Anita Wilson) as Thais, Anita Wilson told Thais about the auditions that were being held and the opportunities that came along with it. Thais then had to consider homeschooling, spending time away from her family for a long period of time and numerous hours of hard work and dedication. However, she and her family decided it was a good idea to start off 2015 by opening a new door of opportunity. After finding out she got the part, she was ecstatic to start her journey alongside two amazing people. They have had the opportunity to work and perform with incredible artists such as Mario, Chanel WestCoast, and an up-and-coming duo, Krisaaron. Additionally, they are fortunate to have worked with some of the best songwriters such as Gene Noble and Stalking Gia.

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